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  • agricultural machines, agricultural machineries, soil tilages, tilages, seed drills, spreaders, crop protection sprayers, mowers, hay rakes, balers, forage harvesters, harvesters, potato planters, potato harvesters, automatic potato planters, trailers, feed mixers, feed distributors, mobile milking machines, tractor hydraulic lifters, hydraulic lifters, lifters, trailed hay rakes, rotary hay rakes, agriculture machines, agricultural machine, agricultural machinery, soil tilage, tilage, seed drill, spreader, crop protection sprayer, mower, hay rake, baler, forage harvester, harvester, potato planter, potato harvester, automatic potato planter, trailer, feed mixer, feed distributor, mobile milking machine, tractor hydraulic lifter, hydraulic lifter, lifter, trailed hay rake, rotary hay rake, agriculture machine
    Dear Customer; Agrimir Konya, Turkey is a company located in an agricultural machinery manufacturer and exporter. The first of our company was established with many kinds of
    Telephone: +90 332 248 26 85 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mah. 10664 Sk. No: 40/H, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
  • agricultural machines, farming machines, agricultural implements, automatic potato planting machine, disc mower, disc plough, disc plough round frame, double axle trailer, fertilizer spreader mounted type, hoe machine with fertilizer, hoe machine, fertilizer spreader, laser levelling blade, moldboard plough, ofset disc harrows, pneumatic precision planter, pneumatic precision planter, rotary drum mower, rotary flat shredder, rotavator, seed drill, moldboard plough, harvester, seed cleaners
    As a manufacturer of agricultural machinery and equipments, we offer a full range of soil-working, planting, harvesting, fertilizing and crop protection equipment, which are
    Telephone: +90 332 235 64 23 - 24 Address: Büyükkayacık Mah. Org. San. Bölgesi Evrenköy Cad. No:32 Selcuklu, Konya, Turkey
  • auger, bar mower, canal opener, chisel, conveyor, cultivator, disc harrow, disc plough disc ridger, fertilizer sprayer, field sprayer, fire tanker, harvester, hole digger, levelling blade, moldboard, plough, plough planter, potato planter rake, ridger, rotary mower rotary tiller seed drill seed selector, sickle, thresher, tiller, trailer, turbo sprayer
    Auger, Conveyor, Canal Opener, Ridger, Plough, Chisel, Cultivator, Disc Harrow, Disc Plough Disc Ridger, Fertilizer Sprayer, Field Sprayer, Fire Tanker, Harvester, Hole Digger,
    Telephone: +905053195098 Address: Konya Turkey
  • plough, agricultural machinery, disc harrows, planter, leveler machine
    almeks dış ticaret firması 1991 yılında kurulmuştur.Kuruluş amacı grup şirketlerinin ürünlerinin ihracatı ve ihtiyaç olan hammaddelerin ithalatı
    Telephone: +902324637044 Address: Kıbrıs Sehitleri Cad No. 96 / 202 Alsancak İzmir, Turkey
  • agricultural machines, agricultural implements, farming machines, automatic potato planting machine, disc mower, disc plough, disc plough round frame, double axle trailer, fertilizer spreader mounted type, hoe machine with fertilizer, hoe machine, fertilizer spreader, laser levelling blade, moldboard plough, ofset disc harrows, pneumatic precision planter, pneumatic precision planter, reversible moldboard plough, rotary drum mower, rotary flat shredder, rotavator, seed drill, moldboard plough
    ATESPAR established in 1980 in Turkey is a manufacturer and exporter of agricultural machines as listed below:-Soil Equipments-Seed Sowing Equipments-Fertilizing Equipments-Plant
    Telephone: +90 332 235 64 23 - 24 Address: 2. Org. San. Böl., Evrenköy Cad., No: 32, Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey
  • seed drills, mechanical seed drills, harrows, spring loaded cultivators, automatic potatoes planter machines, potato harvester machines, reversible mounted ploughs, hoeingmachine with suspension fertilizer, fertilizer spreaders, mounted scraders, agri, agricultural, agricultural implements, agricultural machinery, agricultural machines, agricultural sprayer, agricultural tools, agricultural tractor, agriculture, agriculture farming, agriculture equipment, agriculture parts, farm equipment, farm implements, farm machinery, farm machines, farm supplies, farm tools, farm tractor, farmer tractor, farmers eqipments, agricultural implements, manufactured agricultural equipment, modern agriculture, tractor equipment, tractor loader, tractor parts, utility tractors
    Products: Seed drills, mechanical seed drills,disc-harrows, spring loaded cultivators, automaticpotatoes planter machines, potato harvestermachines, reversible mounted ploughs,
    Telephone: (90256)577 10 37 Address: Devlet Karayolu Üzeri No:42 Ortaklaraydın, Turkey
  • agricultural machine, agricultural machines, agricultural machinery, fertilizer spreader, single disc, double disc, bale loading machine, spraying equipments, pneumatic seeder, combined grain drill, pulse seed drill, hoeing fertilizer machines, drum mower, hay rake, cultivator, cultivators, potato planter, harwester, potato harwester, weeder, potato weeder, plough, round frame disc plough, chissel plough, crop thresher, bale machine, mixer feed, trailer, milking machine, machine spare parts, agr
    We are proud of being a company that has proved its quality in the production of agricultural machines, which we started as Tarımöz Mibzer Sanayii in 1977. We were
    Telephone: +90 332 239 22 78 Address: 2.OSB Kocadere Sk. No:8, Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey
  • copper homeware, handmade planter, copperware planter, copper fire pit, copper planter, copper mailbox, copper mirror, copper hose pot
    We are Manufacturer exporter of high quality handmade copper home and garden accents like fire pit, hose pot, planter, vase, torch, mirror etc. We are able to develope new
    Telephone: +90 212 5068111 Address: Sancakli Cad. Ozan Sok. No:35-37 Gungören Istanbul, Turkey
  • agriculture machine, seeder, planter, forage harvester, power tiller, cultivator, sprayer
    We are agricultural machinery manufacturing company in china, our major products include: Forage harvester, Silage machine, Seed drill, Mounted grain fertilizer seeder,
    Telephone: 8615075155012 Address: No.10 Shifang Road, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
  • Feed Mixer, Feed Mixer Wagon, Vertical Mixer Wagon, Horizontal Mixer Wagon, Feed Mixing Equipment, Feeding Equipment, Animal Feed Processing, Small Feed Mixer, Cattle Feed Mixer, Feed Distributing, Feed Mixer And Distributing, Vertical Feed Mixer, Horizontal Feed Mixer, Feed Crushing Machinery, Crushing Machinery, Feed Crusher, Feed Crusher Machinery, Cultivator, Different Types Cultivator, Tiller, Single Row, Maize Silage Choppers, Double Rows Independent Maize, Silage Choppers, Forages Silage Choppers, Baler and, Wrappers, Multipurpose Packers, Manure Spreader Trailers, Liquid Manure Spreader Tanks, Bale Loaders, Beet Harvesters, Interrow Hoeing Machines, Stalk Cutters, Potato Planters, Potato Harvesters, Potato Seeder, Onion Harvesters, Soil, Preparation and Cushioning Machines, Fertilizer, Spreader and Hoe Machines, Green Forage Crops Roll Balers, Bale Makers, Bale Collectors, Bale Loaders, Straw & Forage Collectors, Corn Harvesters, Sunflower Harvesters, Liquid Manure Spreaders, Solid Fertilizer Trailers, Garden Fertilizer Throwing Machines, Stone Collectors, Potato and Beet Seed Cleaning Machines, Mulchers, Bough Shredders, Fruit Picking Trailers, Peanut Harvesters, Carrot Harvesters, Pumpkin Seed Harvester, Seed Harvester, Watermelon Harvester, Pumpkin-Seed Dryer, Universal Seed Drills, Pneumatic Precision Planters, Onion and Garlic Planters, Irrigation Machines, Fertilizer Spreader Machines, Goble Disk-Harrows, Pulverizator, Atomizer, Rounded and Flat Drip Irrigation Pipes, Sprinkler Irrigation Pipes, Landscape Irrigation Systems, Polyethylene Pipes, PPRC Pipes and Fittings, Hose, Plastic Fittings, Tractor Spare Parts, Watering Trough, Aliminium Ingots, Butt Welding Machinery, tractor, tractor spare part, Sesame Seed Machine, Sesame Seeder, Sesame Planter
    Anadolu Tarım Machines,from the day of its establishment up to this day, has constantly renewed itself and apart from the machinery investments that it has made, has always aimed
    Telephone: +90 507 154 39 29 Address: B. Kayacık Mah.2. OSB Karahisar Sk.No: 11, Selçuklu, Konya,Turkey
  • cultivators, mechanical seed drills, stem choppers, inter-row cultivators, unıversal seed drill, agriculture, agricultural machinery, planter, planting, agro, agricultural equipment, farming equipment
    We manufacture under trademark of "KURT " in Turkey and export to the World.We export high quality agricultural equipments which we manufacture as Kurt Agro, to all over the
    Telephone: (+90) 282 315 66 66 Address: Hayrabolu Organize Sanayii Bölgesi Zafer Sok. No:2 59400 Hayrabolu/TEKİRDAĞ/TURKEY
  • Outdoor Ornament Plants, Nursery, Trees And Seedlings, Nursery Pots, Nursery Plants, Plant Nursery, Nursery Tree Pots, Plastic Tree Pots, Tree Nursery Pots, Plastic Pots For Trees, Seed Trays, Seedling Containers, Vegetable Seedlings, Seedling Planter, Seedlings Nursery, Sapplings, Seedlings, Root Ball, Potted, Coniferous Plants, Leaved Plants, Wholesale, Trees, Plants, Gardening, Botanic
    Our company is engaged in the cultivation of avenue trees, conifers, topiary trees, solitary trees and shrubs in large sizes; in our nursery in Sakarya. Customers include public
    Telephone: +90 212 212 91 00 Address: Eski Osmanlı Sok. Eski Osmanlı Apt. No:15/6 Mecidiyeköy - İSTANBUL / TURKEY
  • agricultural, agricultural implements, agricultural machinery, agricultural machines, agricultural tools, agriculture, agriculture farming, agriculture equipment, farm equipment, farm machinery, farm machines, farm tools, farm tractor, Potato Planter, Potato Harvester, Ridger, Ridger Plough, Hoeing Machine, Fertilizing Machine, Super Automatic Potato Planter, Manual Potato Planter
    Özbil Tarım Makineleri was founded by Bekir Özdemir in Ödemiş, İzmir, in 1978. Initially working on repairing our cultural machinery, Bekir Özdemir eventually proved himself by
    Telephone: +90 541 833 05 84 Address: Sanayi Sitesi, Umut Caddesi, No:39, Ödemiş, İzmir, Turkey
  • agricultural equipments, agricultural machine, agricultural machinery, hoeing machine, hoeing machines, planter, sprayers, spraying machine, tillage machinery, tiller
    Selvi Tarim Makinalari was established by Yasar Selvi and Hasan Selvi in 1975. Company always aims to expand its product range and meet all kinds of requirements in agricultural
    Telephone: +90 282 315 69 69 - 66 Address: Hisar Mah., Kucuk Sanayi Sitesi, 9. Blok, No: 10/M, Hayrabolu, Tekirdag, Turkey , Turkey
  • pumpkin seed harvester, watermelon seed harvester, melon seed harvester, cucumber seed harvester, pumpkin seed harvesting, watermelon seed harvesting, melon seed harvesting, cucumber seed harvesting, kernel seed harvester, pumpkin seed extracting, pumpkin seed extraction, automatic pumpkin seed harvester, manual pumpkin seed harvester, agricultural machinery, agriculture machines, agro technology, pumpkin rollmax, pumpkin ranking apparatus, pumpkin windrower, windrower, liner, feed mixer, feed mixer wagon, vertical mixer wagon, horizontal mixer wagon, feed mixing equipment, feeding equipment, animal feed processing, small feed mixer, cattle feed mixer, feed distributing, feed mixer distributer, vertical feed mixer, horizontal feed mixer, feed crushing machinery, crushing machinery, feed crusher, feed crusher machinery, cow brush, watering trough, cultivator, different types cultivator, tiller, wrappers, wrappers, bale loaders, stalk cutters, potato planters, potato harvester, onion harvesters, roll balers, green roll baler, bale makers, baler, bale loaders, corn harvesters, sunflower harvester, corn header, sunflower header, fertilizer spreader machines, manure spreader trailers, liquid manure spreader tank, liquid manure spreader, garden manure spreader, manure spreader trailer, stone collectors, fruit picking trailers, peanut harvesters, carrot harvesters, universal seed drills, pneumatic precision planters, onion and garlic planters, irrigation machines, rounded drip irrigation pipes and fittings, flat drip irrigation pipes and fittings, sprinkler irrigation pipes and fittings, polyethylene pipes and fittings, garden hose, tractor spare parts, butt welding machinery, sesame planter, sesame seeder, sesame seed machinery, aluminium ingot, bean harvester, lentil harvester, wheat harvester, chickpea harvester, poppy harvester, gear, gears, agricultural gears, automotive gears, gearbox, gearbox group
    ABOUT US Our company was founded in 1978 in Nevşehir , It has produced pumpkin seed harvester technology. The company, which is one of the first in Turkey, has been working
    Telephone: +90 507 154 39 29 Address: Boğaz Köyü OSB 10. Sk. No: 7, Nevsehir, Turkey
  • combine harvester spare parts, adjustable sieves, adjustable top sieve, adjustable chaffer, beater, adjustable extension sieve, combine harvester blades, agricultural machinery discs, agricultural machinery parts, agricultural machinery spares, seeder discs, seeder parts, planter parts, notched discs, flat discs, concave discs, disk blades, plough discs, plough parts, plough shares, disc harrow parts, harrow discs, cultivator points, chisel parts, cultivator blades, drum mover blades
    YETIK started productions in 1957, producing Combine Harvest and Sowing Machines spare parts.In the course of time, our company has expanded its production palette of agricultural
    Telephone: +90 332 345 30 20 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mah. 1.Büsan San.Sit.1.Sk. No:15 Konya Turkey
  • combine harvester parts, sieve set, set top screen, set selector, drum set, additional screen, harvester blades, agricultural discs, planter drives, seeder parts, disk drives straight, concave discs, disc blades, disc plough, plow parts, the ends of the plough, harrow parts, disc harrow, cultivators bits, chisel parts, cultivator blades, lawn mower blades, parts of the gallignani, gallignani blades, plow mirror
    Telephone: 0332 345 42 22 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mah.Büsan Özel Org.San.Sit.Ksgeb Cad.10644.Sok.No:14-16, Turkey
  • Bamboo, Peat, Cocopeat, Fertilizer, Spreader, Plant Net, Nets, Planterer Bag, Rootball Materials, Pot, Plants Pots, Plastic Pots, Nursery Pots, Pots, Garden Pots, Large Pot, Outdoor Pots, Pots Planters, Greenhouse Pots, Flower Pot, Small Pots, Tree Pots, Gallon Pots, Square Pots, Potting Containers, Inch Pots, Landscape, Paysage, Nursery Supplies, Plastic Nursery, Nursery, Nursery Containers, Gallon Nursery, Flower Nursery, Plant Nursery, Garden Nursery, Seed Trays, Plant Trays, Starting Trays, Garden Trays, Pot Tray, Greenhouse Trays, Starter Tray, Trays Large, Nursery Trays, Trays, Plastic Tray, Seedling Trays, Cell Trays, Trees, Container Planters, Artificial Plants, Artificial Trees And Plants, Artificial Potted Plants, Artificial Garden Plants, Plant Pots, Planter Suppliers, Bamboo Tree Plant, Wood Plant, Vera Plant
    Telephone: 90 242 312 71 24  Address: Yeşilova Mah. 1669 Sk. No:2 ANTALYA TURKEY
  • harvesting machine, seeder, drill, sowing machine, soil cultivation, tillage, planter
    Telephone: 3123412707 Address: Samanyolu CD. NO:63 / 8 İskitler 06031 ALTINDAĞ/ANKARA
  • agricultural machines, agricultural equipments, agriculture machines, agriculture equipments, fertilizer hoe machine, hoe machine fertilized, onion harvester machine, onion harvesting machine, potato harvester machine, potato harvesting machine, potato planter machine, potato planting machine, trailer loader potato harvester, trailer loader
    Kenan Ertugrul Tarim Makineleri has been in service of technological and quality products for especially potato farmers in Turkey particularly in Nevsehir since 1971. With the new
    Telephone: +90 384 242 91 75  Address: Özel Org. San. Böl. 4. Sokak No:5 Boğazköy/Nevşehir, Turkey
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