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  • wheat flour, bread flour, durum wheat flour, whole wheat flour, special purpose flour, flat bread flour, lavaşlık flour, whole rye flour, semolina, many kinds of PASTA, corn flakes, coco pops, cereal muesli, gluten, enzim, flour additives for bakers, bread additives, all kinds of bread additives, Baklava flour, Tandır flour, Bazlama wheat flour, pasta, Premium Brown flour, Premium White flour, Baker flour, coarse flour, sandwich flour, stone oven flour, loaf bread flour, cake flour, waffle flour, hamburger bread flour
    I have my own flour factory. It is our grandfather profession, SINCE 1973 we have dealed with wheat flour production, Our factory is in Izmir and our office is in Istanbul
    Telephone: +90 552 207 03 03 Address: Ataturk Mah.Vedat Gunyol Cad.Zumrut Sitesi 7 Blok K.2 D.6 Atasehır/İstanbul/TURKEY
  • storage tanks, underground fuel tanks, hot oil production tanks, serpentine for tanks, fuel tankers semitrailer, portable fuel tanks, wheat silo, flour silo oil silo, nutrition tanks, water tank, air tank, sheet bending, unloading platform, underground water tanks, water tank, truck tankers, truck tanker, truck fuel tanks, sand silos, sand silo, raw material silo, petroleum tanks, petroleum tank, head and bending, ground tanks, fuel tank, fuel oil storage tanks
    We manufacture storage tanks, underground fuel tanks, hot oil production tanks, serpentine for tanks, fuel tankers semitrailer, portable fuel tanks, wheat silo, flour silo oil
    Telephone: +90 332 238 07 77 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mh. Sıla Cd. 10661 Sk. No:42 Karatay - Konya, Turkey
  • flour milling systems, flour mill industry, grain milling machinery, grain milling machines, grain milling systems, flour packing systems, conveying elements, milling spare parts, cleaning machines, grain milling machine, grain milling automation, pivot bandsaw machines, column bandsaw machines, vibro grain separator, aspiration channel, pneumatic cyclone, stone separator, trieur, wheat impact scourer, air recycling tarar, vertical washing macihne, intensive dampener, drying machine, inclined in
    IMAS Integrated Machinery Systems Co. was established in 1989 in the scope of Ittifak Holding, which has been operating in the most important sectors in Turkey. Along with its
    Telephone: +90 332 239 01 41 Address: Büyükkayacık Mah., 407. Sokak, No: 8, Selçuklu Konya, Turkey
  • foodstuffs, flours, eggs, chicken eggs, white eggs, brown eggs, feeds, animel feeds, forages, fodders, feedstuffs, wheat flours, pancake flours, pita flours, bread flours, village bread flours, type 650, bread wheat flours, flours for pancake, flours for bread, wheat flours for bread, flours for village bread, feed, egg, flour, animal feed, forage, fodder, chicken feed, cattle feed, chick feed, village bread flour, pita flour, pancake flour, wheat flour
    KOZLU Flour, was founded in Amasya in 1954. It started its production with 16 tons/day wheat processing capacity and now its reached 2.000 tons/day. We have grown by focusing and
    Telephone: +90 549 418 1000 Address: Hacıhayta Mah. İstiklal Cad. No: 631 Suluova/Amasya/Turkey
  • flour, flour products, wheat flour, pastry flour, pastry wheat flour, flan flour, flan wheat flour, wheat pastry flour, wheat flan flour, bread flour, flour for bread, wheat flour for bread, bread wheat flour, flour for flan, flour for pastry, wheat flour for flan, wheat flour for pastry, flour type 550, flour type 650, flour type 850, type 550 flour, type 650 flour, type 850 flour, wheat flour type 550, wheat flour type 650, biscuit flour, wafer flour, baguette flour
    Our factory which was established at the end of the 1940s by Özbil M.Rifki in the form of rock mill and oil mill, worked until 1958. On May 27, 1958 it was registered to the
    Telephone: +90 282 361 20 19 Address: Atatürk Cad., No:94, Muratlı, Tekirdağ, Turkey
  • men, women, shirts, t-shirts, textile, shoes, shoe, baby, leather, car, auto, fruits, accessories, pulley, fur, metal, wheat, wheat flour
    Telephone: 00905073638098 Address: Beylikduzu-Istanbul
  • Wheat flour, Wheat bran
    Telephone: +918007490557
  • Breadstuff Wheat Flour, Special Purpose Luxury Breadstuff Wheat Flour, Special Purpose Wheat Flour for Pita, Special Lux Purpose Wheat Flour for Baklava and Pastry, Special Purpose Wheat Flour for Lavash, Special Purpose Wheat Flour for Filo Pastry, Special Purpose Wheat Flour for Hamburger, Special Purpose Wheat Flour for Pizza, Special Purpose Whole Wheat Flour, Special Purpose Wheat Flour for Tandoor, Special Purpose Breadstuff Wheat Flour
    Since 1978, Balıkesir Has Un that gives service within the scope of Flower Oil-Has Un and Feed Plant Inc., introduced the second brand, Balıkesir Flour to the market and is taking
    Telephone: +90 266 - 241 47 51 Address: Gümüşçesme Mahallesi, 252. Sk. No:13 Altıeylül / Balıkesir
  • flour, wheat flour, oats, semolina
    We are milling company ready to supply wheat flour on your
    Telephone: +380986744964 Address: 43, Teatralna str.
  • rolled oats, wheat flour, oatmeal, oat flour, milk tea drop, milk tea drop, fresh ginger, baby biscuits, atom tea x plus, liquid stevia sweetener, hurmella, gluten free balls, organic locust bean extract, vegetable soup, milk tea for breastfeeding mothers, winter tea for breastfeeding mothers, atom tea with propolis, gristee winter tea, gristee mint and lemon, gluten-free locust bean paste, tarhana soup, naturpy tarhana soup, herbal tea
    Telephone: 90 312 Address: ANKARA, TURKEY
  • diamond-shaped flour, hamburger flour, pizza flour, patty flour, pie flour, pita flour, turkish ravioli flour, biscuit and waffle flour, golden flour, whole-wheat flour, local flour, noodle, industrial feed flour, white bread for bakery
    Telephone: (216) 7338582 Address: BALIKESİR KARAYOLU 6.KM PK:141
  • flour, wheat mill, feed mill
  • grains, wheat, corn, soybeans, barley, feed, flour
    Telephone: 90 332 Address: KONYA, TURKEY
  • flour, cake flour, lavash flour, whole wheat flour
    Telephone: 4598330 Address: 1202 SOKAK NO:55/E YENİŞEHİR / İZMİR
  • wheat flour, spaghetti, macaroni, tomato paste products, fruit juice, natural spring water, biscuit products, dried fruits, spice, herbs, seeds, cooking, olive oil, canned food, instant drink, powder drink
  • wafer flour, cake flour, biscuit flour, wet noodle flour, instant noodler flour, wheat bran, industrial flour, high gluten industrial flour
    Telephone: (90)(282) 686 26 74 Address: MARMARACIK BELDESI ÇORLU
  • flour, farina, wheat flour, wheat flour for cake and pastry, wheat flour for flat-baked bread, wheat flour for phyllo, wheat flour for pizza, wheat flour for for bread, wheat flour for baklava, wheat flour for pastry
    Telephone: 90 3128370429 Address: OVA 4 SOKAK NO: 12/A SÜNLÜ Çubuk ÇUBUK/ANKARA
  • flour, biscuit flour, wheat flour, dairy cattle feed, cattle fattening feed
    Telephone: 90 (422) 3410522 Address: BULGURLU MAH. KANYON CAD. NO:47/1, MALATYA, TURKEY
  • flour, whole wheat flour, wheat flour
    Telephone: (212) 7235025 Address: İNÖNÜ MAH HALKALI CAD. NO:170
  • cotton oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, flour, wheat flour
    Telephone: 90 (482) 2152692 Address: OFİSOSB MAH.VALİ FİKRET GÜVEN CAD.24/1, MARDIN, TURKEY
  • flour, flours, wheat flour, wheat flours, flour industry, flour product, flour products
    Telephone: (282) 2600687 Address: HÜKÜMET CAD. NO:280SÜLEYMANPAŞA
  • bread, bread product, breads, wheat, flour
    Telephone: (266) 7251500 Address: AKSAKAL MAH. KAVAKPINARI KÜME EVLERİ NO:5
  • flour, flour products, breadstuff, wheat flour, whole wheat flour
  • flour, wheat flour, corn flour, whole wheat flour, bread flour, pastry flour
    Telephone: 03262855145 Address: E-5 Karayolu Merkez Mevkii No:134 Büyükdalyan Köyü ANTAKYA(M) / HATAY
  • bran, corn, barley, cannary grass seed, wheat flour, lentils, chickpea
  • flour, pasta, spaghetti, macaroni, wheat flour
    Telephone: (212) 8614556 Address: MURAT ÇEŞME MAH. ESKİ SİLİVRİ CAD. NO:58/1/1 MİMARSİNAN
  • whole wheat flour, biscuit flour, noodle fLour, bread flour
    Telephone: (90)(362) 543 44 59 Address: KÖPRÜBAŞI MEVKİİ BAFRA
  • rice, bulgur, bulgur wheat, pulse, flour, farina, powdered sugar
    Telephone: (90)(332) 342 14 64 Address: F.ÇAKMAK MH.YENİ GIDACILAR SİTESİ 10.BLOK YAKUTOĞLU SK. NO:18 ŞEMS KARATAY
  • food products, pasta, macaroni, canned meal, salt, flour, wheat flour
    Telephone: (242) 3406101 Address: ALTINOVA SINAN MAH.YUNUS EMRECAD.NO:83
  • flour, bread flour, baklava flour, pastry flour, bagel flour, wheat flour
    Telephone: 90(462)321 46 67 Address: İSKENDERPAŞA MAHALLESİ SÜMER SOKAK NO.18/A MERKEZ, TRABZON
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